Thank you for your interest in The Talmud: A Biography. This site should help you to find out a little more about the Talmud, and to get a sense of some of the material it contains.

The Talmud is the religious and legal pillar of Judaism. Containing nearly 2,000,000 words in thirty seven volumes, it covers topics as diverse as law, faith, medicine, magic, ethics, sex, humour and prayer. It is a highly complex, profoundly logical and frequently impenetrable work with a history like no other. Its most recent parts are 1,500 years old, much of it is far older. Its story is a fascinating insight into the history of Judaism.

If you haven’t read The Talmud: A Biography you can download a free copy of the introduction here. Or you can purchase a copy by following this link.

I’ve posted a few selections from the Talmud on the site to give you a feel for the sort of material it contains. I’ve also posted links to other resources you might like to explore to find out more about the Talmud.

I will welcome your comments both on the book and on this site. You can use the contact page to reach me.

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